Photo Challenge

To have a bit of fun during these weird and wonderful times, we have a weekly photo challenge to get people of all ages and abilities to take some photos (and sometimes video!) on a set theme with whatever smartphone or camera they have with them.

Photo Challenge 9 – Sparkle

1st Place – Trees by Bernard Hirrien | 2nd Place – Welder by Bernard Hirrien | 3rd Place – Jack and Sparkler by Mel Giles:

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Sparkle Submissions

Photo Challenge 8 – Faces

1st Place – Horse by Kate Kirkpatrick | 2nd Place – Pepper by Ben Giles | 3rd Place – Sleeping Jake by Michelle Bellerby:

Faces Winners

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Photo Challenge 7 – 7

1st Place – Pool Balls by Ben Giles | 2nd Place – The Seven Dwarfs by Bernard Hirrien | 3rd Place – Jeep by Jack Giles:

7 Winners

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Photo Challenge 6 – Yellow

1st Place – Egg Yolk by Bernard Hirrien | 2nd Place – Window by Me! It’s by Me! (Sam Lane) | 3rd Place – Buttercup by Bernard Hirrien:

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Photo Challenge 5 – Lockdown

1st Place – Wrapped in Chains by Maggie Giles | 2nd Place – Gloved Hand by Nigel Parsons | 3rd Place – Empty Shelves by Sue Christy:

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Photo Challenge 4 – Action

1st Place – Leaping Dog by Jacki Paterson | 2nd Place – Slo-mo Bodger (Video) by Tamsyn Ellen | 3rd Place – Seagull by Bernard Hirrien:

See all photo and video entries here – there are also a few extras that got missed out of the voting!

Photo Challenge 3 – Reflection

1st Place – Mountains by Bernard Hirrien | 2nd Place – Horse’s Eye by Kate Charlotte | 3rd Place – Zilla by Ben Giles:

Reflection Winners

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Photo Challenge 2 – Red

1st Place – Poppy by Mel Giles | 2nd Place – Cherry by Botund Bozas | 3rd Place – Kitten by Madeleine:

Red Winners

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Red Collage

Photo Challenge 1 – Small
1st Place – Snail by Tamsyn Ellen Giles-Roberts | 2nd Place – The little man on the road by Mel Giles | 3rd Place – Dog by unknown!:

Small Winners

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Small Compilation


  1. You can enter up to three images, my advice is that they are all different rather than variations on a theme, but it’s your call.
  2. Ideally the images should have been taken between the announcement of the theme (typically Friday) and the deadline of the theme (typically midnight on Sunday), as the plan is that you are challenged to think creatively. See what you can do…
  3. Get the images to me however you wish, you can directly upload to my site via the link, DM via Instagram or Facebook or email me. If you can rename your files or have your name in the metadata that’s helpful. I will rename all the images…
  4. You have until midnight Sunday to submit your image(s).
  5. I will collate the images Monday and publish on a gallery on my website and on Facebook on the Sam Lane Photography Facebook Page.
  6. You have until midnight on the following Wednesday to rank your first, second and third place which can be done directly by posting on the comments fields in Facebook or by sending me your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices by DM or email after reviewing the gallery.
  7. I am adding a rule in here that you SHOULD NOT vote for your own entries as I will simply ignore these rankings in the tally.
  8. We will announce the winners on Thursday
  9. And a new theme will be announced on Friday
  10. There are no prizes, just the buzz of the win ;0)
  11. Enjoy the challenge, it is meant to be fun!